My name is Shianne. I am 23 years old, married, and I have 2 beautiful girls. This is my mom blog where I share pictures and stories of my children and day to day life. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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grand am for sale.

Anyone need a cheap car in Ontario? Lol

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why am i allergic to grass???!!!

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guess tumblr is full of goofy posts again today.


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Breasts in Mourning: How Bottle-Feeding Mimics Child Loss in Mothers' Brains: Scientific American




DISCLAIMER: This is not to bash anybody who chose not to breastfeed, but this is actually very interesting.

I saw it on facebook. and read into it. I wonder if there is a link between PPD and not breastfeeding? Obviously people who do breastfeed get PPD still, but I read somewhere that PPD is more common in women who chose not to breastfeed.


It’s more common for women who chose to exclusively formula feed because they do not experience the routine release of oxytocin that breastfeeding mothers do when they have a milk let down. Oxytocin is crucial for balancing out the hormones after childbirth and women who are choosing to formula feed are forgoing part of the natural process of recovering from childbirth. Of course, women who breastfeed can get PPD, (I did, severely) but it is rarely as bad as the PPD FF moms get.

I feel like it makes sense that you could be more susceptible to it for the reasons above. Mostly the lack of the chemical release. And then if you wanted to breastfeed but the world worked against you in combination with that… yeah.

And I don’t feel like this is bashing. There are pros and cons to both and I just feel like this is a potential con to formula feeding.

Disagree. I had ost partum depression while breastfeeding Melanie, never had it with skylar and I formula fed her. My cousin breastfed her kids and had ppd every time, with the last kid she ended up leaving the kids and her husband it was so bad. This is just yet another article trying to scare people into breastfeeding. Post partum depression is completely random, but is more likely to occur in unwanted pregnancies, and in women or men who previously were depressed. All this is is another fear based way to get a moml to breastfeed. Smh.

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P&G Corporate Safety site -Free Samples of Safety Latches

You can get free saftey latches for yur cupboards right now from P&G :) 

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anonymously tell me your honest opinion about me. I can’t reply, just publish.


Do this?! I promise I won’t reply to them!

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they paved paradise and put up a parking lot: I formula feed my daughter because I hated breastfeeding and it’s more...


I formula feed my daughter because I hated breastfeeding and it’s more convenient for me.
I have my daughter’s carseat rear facing because I feel it’s safer and I always double check it’s securely strapped in.
I bathe my daughter every other day to keep her clean and I don’t care if you think…

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I’ve seen a lot of this guy and his good deeds on my dashboard. It got me curious as to who he is.
I did a little research and found out that his name is Andrew Ducote.
He no longer works for Disneyland on a count of the fact that they didn’t want him playing Peter Pan anymore because he was getting wrinkles under his eyes. They offered him another job at the park but he refused. He liked being Peter Pan and he didn’t want another position. 
He ended up getting married to a girl named Hali Gaskins who played Wendy at the park. 
His twitter.
I know that I can’t be the only one who was curious about him. Hence this post.

How ironic that Peter Pan got fired for growing up
❤ credit ❤


The only known video footage of Anne Frank

I can’t think of any reason why someone would not reblog this. 
If this isn’t interesting/sad to you, then I don’t know what you like in life.

Can’t we hit 1,000,000 notes? This is such a rare shot, everyone should see it.